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We would like to welcome everyone to our web site.  Look around, read about our happenings, and check out the links section.  There are some good links there.  Watch for updates here often.  We’ll be adding to the site as often as possible.

The meeting planned for the first Wednesday of the month for April  will be on the 1st, at 7 PM,  will be held at the Schomp facility on 4300 South Federal Boulevard, Sheridan, CO. 80110.  As a reminder to all (and to inform any first-time attendees), this location is on the East side of Federal Blvd., South of W. Oxford Ave., and few blocks North of Union Street.

Also note that we will be auctioning off a few items this meeting, most notably the donation Fire Truck from Art Gomez & Bob Brown (aka: Red Rocks Community College).  Weather conditions pending, I will bring this apparatus to the meeting for viewing.  I will provide a short verbal description of the mechanical condition to the best of my knowledge as a courtesy to would-be bidders--however, as with any donation item we represent, the item is purchased as-is, with no guarantee or warranty provisions whatsoever.  In addition, be reminded that the donations we receive, and ultimately auction off,  are offered exclusively to our dues paying rostered Membership in attendance thereof, within the "spirit and context" of our Club business meetings.  (Think of it as a perk of your enrollment and participation!) That being said, should Santa Claus himself magically arrive in time for a chance to fill his gift list--we will kindly and gently turn him away.  Understood?  

  Lastly, we have MHH & L tee-shirts and a signed book set (thank you Member Tom Parsons of Texas) which we missed offering last meeting.

 Based on the prior two (2) meetings of past months, our business matters and discussions have consumed a significant chunk of time. 

 Considering such, no meeting extender is planned, however Ray Bowman has offered to bring his completed MHH & L-themed Quilt for viewing and relevant commentary, post meeting.  

  Anyone who would like to suggest or offer a contributing adjunct to the meeting, please contact Frank.

You can plan on the meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.


Check out the Calendars page for a list of things going on with our chapter.

This promises to be another busy summer.

And of course watch for information on our annual fire muster in June.

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